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"There has never been a time in my life where I ever felt good enough and worthy enough."


Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong wrote this about his father, who died of cancer on September 1st, 1982. At his father’s funeral, Billie cried, ran home and locked himself in his room. When his mother got home and knocked on the door to Billie’s room, Billie simply said, “Wake me up when September ends.”

I guess you just don’t care anymore. 


Ik heb geschreeuwd tot ik geen stem meer had,
mezelf gepijnigd tot ik niets meer voelde.
De cirkel keer op keer weer rondgegaan,
totdat ik zelf niet eens meer wist waar ik op doelde.
Ik heb gepiekerd tot het ochtend was.
Alle beslissingen die ik ooit nam,
alle vragen die ik had gesteld,
gewacht op antwoord.
Dat van niemand kwam…

"If flowers can
teach themselves

how to bloom after
winter passes,
so can you."
Noor ShirazieSpringtime (via sanctimoniae)
insecure-enrapture asked:
you don't have to relapse beautiful. i believe in you <3

Thank you, I’m just so scared, I’ve been doing really well this summer and school is going to fuck up all my progress